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Rates And Services

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Tech-Ease Prices and Rates:

PLEASE NOTE: All prices listed do not include the cost of parts and/or software licensing fees.  If I search for and purchase the part, it will be subject to markup.  If you bring me the part and/or all necessary software/licenses, there will be no parts charge added.

For ease of use, use ctrl+F to use your browser's Search function to look for the service you need.
I.e. Ctrl+F, "Virus" or "Hard Drive"  or  "Screen"

-Rush Charge:

-Hourly Rates for Unlisted Services (a majority of jobs are completed in 3 hours or less):
In-Shop:  $50
On-Site:  $75 for first hour then $50

-On-site work will have an additional $25 added to listed services for travel.

-Remote Support*:
$25/half hour, time will be rounded to nearest increment. 

At hourly rates

-Bench/Diagnostic Fee**:
$50 in-shop, $75 on-site

-New Computer Setup (includes configuration/installation of updates and security (antivirus and antimalware), creation of up to 2 accounts and 1 other software installation) :
In-Shop: $75
On-Site: Billed Hourly

-Software Installation:
$10 for each program requested

-Virus/Spyware Removal (ONLY Virus/Spyware, no optimization or Speed-Up):

-System Tune/Speed/Clean-Up (NO virus/malware scans):

-Combo Malware Removal and System Tune/Speed/Clean-Up:

-Backup of Data up to 100GB:
Basic (all data placed in single folder on desktop of target system): $20
Deluxe (data restored to respective locations or restored to software): $40

-Data Recovery (removing data from failed systems or hard drives)***:

-Transfer of Data to a New (or Different) System/Device:
Basic (all data placed in single folder on desktop of target system):
Deluxe (data restored to respective locations or restored to software):

-Operating System Repair (repair of existing operating system)****:

-Operating System Installation/Re-Installation (Windows, Linux, iOS, etc.)****:

-Create Backup CDs:
$25, not included in Operating System Installation/Re-Installation service

-Hard Drive Replacement:
$25, format and operating system install remain separate charges

-Hard Drive Clone:

-Random Access Memory (RAM) installation:

-CPU Replacement/Upgrade (if compatible with current system):
Desktop:  $75
Laptop:  $100

-Motherboard Replacement:
Desktop: $100
Laptop:  $150

Desktop Power Supply Unit (PSU) Replacement/Upgrade:

PCI Card/Modem/Etc. Installation:

Laptop Hardware Repairs*****:

-Screen Replacement:

-DC/Power Jack Repair/Replacement:

Motherboard Replacement:

Mobile Hardware Repair:
$100 if I must try to separate a glued part (call or message me if you are unsure).

Game Console Repair:
$75 for current-generation consoles
$50 for older consoles

Other Services (Billed Hourly):
BIOS Password Reset - work/time involved varies greatly by make/model
Software Diagnosis - work/time involved varies greatly depending on software and device
Peripheral (Printer, Scanner, etc.) Setup
Setting up Dual-Boot systems
Networking and Setting up Routers/Repeaters/etc.
And many more...Call or Message Me to Inquire

*If repairs can not be completed remotely, fees will be waived IF you decide to stay with me to do the repairs.  If you choose to have the computer repaired elsewhere after the remote session, I will charge EITHER the diagnostic fee OR the cost of the remote support session, whichever is greater.

**Bench/Diagnostic Fee will only be charged if device is diagnosed and client decides not to repair after diagnosis and cost estimate.  I hate to have to do this, but I quite often get devices that I spend a lot of time diagnosing only to have the customer decide against the repair after an estimate is given.  This is only to be sure that I don't waste time that I won't be compensated for.  If I diagnose the device and repairs are authorized, this fee will be waived.  Thank you for your understanding.

***Data Recovery will be charged regardless of success if the service is requested.  Removing data from a failing hard drive is difficult and time-consuming with success rates varying across the board, and as with the Bench/Diagnostic Fee I have found myself putting hours into such services only to receive no compensation.  Check the prices of professional hard drive repair (something I am not currently capable of doing for lack of equipment) for comparison and you will see that they often follow the same guidelines (and to the tune of $500+).  Again, thank you for your understanding

****Client must provide all software and registration keys necessary to reinstall Windows or must purchase a new copy of Windows.  I WILL NOT attempt to illegally obtain a copy of Windows for any client.  If this impossible or not preferred, it is possible for me to install a Linux distribution of your choice (a free operating system) as an alternative operating system for no software or license charges (Operating System Installation service fees do still apply).  I would be happy to show you the basics of Linux use if desired.

*****Laptop hardware repair is much more difficult and time-consuming than desktop repair due to size and design and this causes prices for said repairs to be higher than their desktop counterparts.  Many computer repair shops differentiate between desktop and laptop hardware, and even others will charge different amounts for different laptops (charge less to repair a Dell Inspiron laptop than to fix a MacBook Air, for example).

Prices are subject to change without notice, accepted services will be performed at rates listed at the time of acceptance.

     Any HARDWARE repairs made will be guaranteed by me for 21 days, excluding damage resulting from misuse of said hardware, for no additional labor charges.  I must receive the device or part in question IN MY HANDS before or on the 21 day mark.  The reason for a 21 day rather than a 30 day guarantee is that I may receive parts days before I am able to complete a repair and have the device back to the client, and most parts have a 30 day return period.  Thus, if I received a part, took two days to complete the repair, then received the part back 30 days after this, the return period has ended and the part is not refundable or exchangeable.  Please be sure that you test the hardware thoroughly when you get home and in the few weeks after the repair.
     This guarantee does not cover ANY SOFTWARE related problems.  For example, if I clean a virus out of your system and you come back a week later to tell me that the virus is back, I can not possibly know whether I didn't clean the virus properly or you simply repeated the behavior that led to the infection in the first place.  ALL SOFTWARE REPAIRS, INCLUDING VIRUS AND MALWARE REMOVAL, ARE FINAL AS SOON AS THE CLIENT ACCEPTS THE DEVICE back from the shop or closes the on-site repair.
     If, within 21 days of a completed repair, the device presents the same symptoms that it did before the repair and this is determined NOT to be caused by the client, I will refund or credit all paid labor costs and any amount I am able to refund from received parts (for example, I return a hard drive that cost $50, but must pay $5 for return shipping, $45 will be returned to the client).
     Any device that is sold by Tech-Ease will include a 30 day warranty on HARDWARE ONLY.

I will always be honest with you, and I am willing to work with you in most cases to get to a mutually beneficial result if you are not satisfied with my work.  However, I must insist that any repairs performed on-site are final unless dissatisfaction is verbalized before I leave the site.  If I leave thinking that you're happy, and you turn around two weeks later and refuse to pay, you will be held accountable for the debt.  This excludes anything covered under the hardware warranty stated above.